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The advancement of modern technology has changed the entire concept of how we interact with our vehicles.  No one cares about the traditional key fumbling anymore, instead, we have now connected ourselves with the latest compact devices known as key fobs.  But before using it we need to know what is a key fob for a car, and also know about its function and key fob system.  From the outside, it looks like a simple device, but there are many technological functions inside it, which make it a perfect device.  In this introductory guide, we will try to know how it works from the inside, its functions, and how it helps you in the modern driving experience.  If you are with us on this complete journey, you will get the right idea about your car key fob.

car key fob


What is a Key Fob?

A key fob is the result of the extreme improvement of modern technology.  A key fob is a small, handheld device that controls your car with the help of a remote control.  It typically allows a driver to lock and unlock car doors.  Besides this, it provides various additional functionalities including the car’s alarm system, opening the trunk, or even remotely starting the engine.  The key fob system works through wireless communication technology.  Radiofrequency identification (RFID) is used, the key fob communicates with the car’s onboard computer, transmitting encrypted signals to perform various functions.  The combination of all these technologies makes this compact device an essential part of your car’s security system.

Components of a Key Fob

Circuit Board: It is also called the heart of the key fob.  It works with various types of electronic components including microchips, transmitters, and receivers.  It takes the input signal from the button and generates the signals necessary to communicate with the car’s onboard computer.

Battery: A key fob needs power to function properly. The key fob gets this power from the battery. coin-cell or lithium batteries are used.

Antenna: Antenna is an essential element in wireless communication. It works to transmit and receive the signal with the car’s receiver unit.

Transmitter/Receiver: The transmitter works to send the signal to the specific receiver and the car’s receiver unit receives it on time. The input signals are converted into radio frequency signals.

Microchip: It carries various programmable data and instructions, which are required for the key fob’s operation.  It creates secure communication between the key fob and the car.

LED indicator: Some key fobs have an LED system to understand whether the command has been executed properly even at a low battery level.

How Key Fobs Work

How Key Fobs Work

User Input: When a user presses the key fob’s button, he activates a specific function.  It also works as input data.  Like you want to lock or unlock the car, open the trunk, or activate the alarm.

Signal Generation: This input data key fob’s circuit receives and generates a unique encrypted signal corresponding to the selected function.   This signal contains various types of information.

Transmission: Then the key fob’s transmitter changes this encrypted signal to radio frequency (RF) waves.  These waves reach the car’s receiver unit with the air.

Receiver Unit: The receiver unit inside the car is always scanning signals from authorized key fobs within its range.  Whenever it finds a match between the signal in its memory and this scanning signal, it gives the command and starts the action.

Authentication: Then encrypted algorithms using key fob and receiver unit to ensure authentication whether there is any unauthorized access.

Execution of Function: When authentication is confirmed, it executes the requested function such as vehicle security like lock or unlock, door opener, or activating the alarm system.


The world is now moving in the direction of advanced technology so you always have to keep up with modern technology.  It applies to everything from cars to houses.  The key fob is an advanced technology of your car’s security system, which is considered an essential component nowadays.   Discover the power of the key fob and revolutionize your driving experience today!


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